If you are considering selling your home, a well-prepared home is worth $$$ in your pocket!  Here are some helpful hints!

Buyers don’t want to see your dirt and grime…  Deep clean your baseboards, windows (inside and out!), ceiling fans, appliances (inside and out!), and bathrooms & your kitchen.  If you can’t tell what needs to be done, spend a little extra and have the house professionally cleaned… they know what to look for.

Yard sale…or Donate… If you clean out cupboards and closets now, before your house is on the market, not only will it make your actual move a bit smoother, but it will show buyers how much storage space you have in your home.  Buyers will be distracted by your clutter, so get it out of the house now, to make your home look more spacious!

Biggest bang for your buck… Paint it. If your house appears dated, before you spend the big bucks replacing flooring or appliances, start with a fresh coat of paint. This includes cabinets, furniture and even some bathroom tiles! First coat the tiles with a high-adhesion primer, then brush on a special ceramic epoxy covering. You will have an up-to-date bathroom that brings in the big bucks!

Pop of color… Never underestimate the power of a fresh doormat, a freshly painted front door, and some colorful plants in the yard. It adds a nice touch to the buyer’s first impression.