“Can you sell my home?” Of course, this is a question we answer at Ravenswood Realty with an emphatic YES! But selling a home takes more than just putting up a For Sale sign. It takes strategic marketing and planning to make your home the most attractive one on the market.

One of the most important details to consider is staging your home so it looks its best. Getting rid of clutter and personal items like family photos and knick knacks helps to create a clean look. You want prospective buyers to look at your home and be able to picture themselves living in it. Need some ideas on how to make your home look picture perfect? We are always happy to go through your home with you room by room and provide suggestions to make your home ready to show.

When you’re thinking, “How can I sell my home quickly?” there are several things you can do to put your home on every home buyer’s must-see list. Having detailed information on your MLS listing is a great start. But, when people are looking for homes online, they want to see photos. The more the better! But your photos have to really showcase the best features of your home. They have to look good or your home won’t make a home buyer’s short list.

Some traits of great home property photos include the following:

  • A clean home – inside and out.

This means photos should not include an overflowing basket of clothes in the laundry room, a refrigerator covered in magnets and kids’ artwork, or a master bedroom with an unmade bed.

  • An abundance of natural lighting.

Open the blinds and curtains to let in the daylight. Use the camera’s flash as little as possible. The latter can create gloomy looking shadows and reflect off mirrors and windows. When photographing the exterior of your home, sunrise or dusk is your best bet in metro Phoenix.

  • Use of good angles.

Shoot from a corner or a doorway to feature as much of the room as possible. It also makes it look more spacious. When photographing the outside of your home, take shots at angle too, as it can show your home’s depth better. Avoid including light posts and electrical wires in the photo.

While you might think that these tips make good common sense, you’d be surprised at some of the photos that get published. At Ravenswood Realty, we can make sure that the photos of your house showcase your home in the very best light.

For more information about how we can help you sell your home, contact us at 480-710-2777 or email us – info@ravenswoodrealtyaz.com