Property Management

Finding the right rental property for your investment portfolio is the first step. Finding the right property management team is the next. Ravenswood Realty has a team you can trust with both.

Owner Services

Owning an investment property can be very stressful. Ravenswood Realty is here to help make your investment property less of a burden.


Through the leasing process, communication is crucial. Our goal at Ravenswood Realty is to provide our clients with a same day response by phone or email.

Tenant Services

Tenants are a crucial part of the investment equation. Our policy is to treat tenants with respect and respond to their needs in a prompt and courteous manner.

Rent Collection

Ravenswood Realty’s services include collecting Rent from Tenants each month using several convenient options, including the ability to pay online using bank accounts or debit/credit cards.


Property Inspections

Ravenswood Realty understands that owning a rental property and protecting that investment is a significant priority. We perform exterior inspections to ensure your property is being cared for.

Marketing And Advertising

Ravenswood Realty and Property Management uses the most trusted marketing tools such as the Internet, property signage, media publications and more, to rent your Property as quickly as possible.

Tenant Selection And Screening

We can’t stress the importance of getting a quality Tenant to rent your Property. We use a professional company to screen potential tenants.

Monthly Statements

Ravenswood Realty provides monthly emailed statements to generate an accurate and clear accounting of all monies.

Property Maintenance

Ravenswood Realty works with a team of quality contractors to be certain your property is maintained with the care you expect. Our licensed property management team is held accountable by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors’ Code of Conduct.

Property Preparation

At the completion of a lease, we do a walk through of the home to make sure the property is in good condition and that the provisions of the lease have been followed. Owners are contacted when excessive repairs or cleaning are necessary.


Although detailed tenant screenings are performed before a lease is executed, occasionally the need for an eviction may arise. If an eviction is unavoidable, Ravenswood Realty has the resources to get the eviction handled legally and professionally, according to the guidelines set forth in the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act.

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