So many people have joked about 2020 as the “year that we’ll just forget about”… well, we’ve been through a lot this year, haven’t we? But is this the year that we want to forget about? I would venture to say “no”.

This year brought many good things along with the bad. We grew closer as families, stronger as communities, we banded together in many ways. Kids and parents were home together more often, and although these was additional stress in this movement, we found some good.

As we come in to the last month of 2020, let’s reflect on how the housing market will remember 2020: Low inventory. Low interest rates. Bidding wars. Buyers begging sellers to choose their offer, Offers over asking price. Multiple offers… and for some, staying PUT! Not moving, but renovating.

We learned that we need different things from our homes. Perhaps we need more space, or more bedrooms, more bathrooms? Office space, larger outdoor areas. Some decided not to stay in more expensive urban areas and migrate to rural areas where you can get more house for your money.

Whatever you learned in 2020, we can all agree that every day is a gift. We were reminded that people are more important than things, and experiences are more important than stuff.

Let’s finish up the year strong! And if you decided that you need a different space, we can help!